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Past events

On Thursday 21st July 2022 we attended St Marys Church in Wales primary school on Bute Street to follow up our work on the 6th May. We promoted exercise and healthy eating by making fruit kebabs with the children and their parents, and developing running activities after the annual school prize giving.

On Friday 6th May 2022, the organisers of the Butetown Mile, staff members at Cardiff University, set up a stall on Loudon Square, Bute Street from 13:30-16:30 to reach out to the community to promote the event, ask them what they knew about it, and which charities the community were passionate about to inform their decision on what kind of cause they could raise money for.

When speaking to members of the community, Cardiff University produced a survey with questions about people’s knowledge of the Butetown Mile and their opinions on how it would benefit the community, along with their interest in sports and causes they were passionate about. The Butetown Mile team received the following responses to the questions below at this event:

Have you heard of the Butetown Mile, and do you already take part in sporting activities?

• Have children who take part in football and have done the Butetown Mile in the past.
• Do lots of walking for charity
• Exercise indoors because have to take off hijab. We have a women only boxercise group, but we have lost our venue. The men are able to train outdoors.

If you don’t want to walk, jog, or run the Butetown Mile, are there any other activities you would help with on the day?

• Radio Cardiff could be involved
• I would volunteer on the day, such as marshal
• I would come and watch

Are there any charities you would like the Butetown Mile to raise money for?

• Mind
• Yemeni charity
• Cancer research
• Macmillan
• Homeless people
• Mental health charities

• Diabetes UK
• Air ambulance
• Addiction services
• Charities local to Butetown
• Ty Hafan
• Teenage Cancer Trust

Are there community events we could do to help promote the Butetown Mile in the community?

• Pre-training, such as walking groups set up in the community
• local football team, Tiger Bay Warriors
• Do an event with children’s activities involving healthy food, making fruit kebabs or green smoothies, baking
• Put on first aid training for community (focused on what to do with a knife wound, CPR, babies and choking)
• First aid training
• Have a fair with local vendors
• Take part in baking food
• Put on a day with advice from a dietician
• Have a health check, such as blood pressure checks
• Have a community buffet food

• Find some green spaces to get involved in gardening
• Put on women’s health and wellbeing
• Pay community individuals to facilitate support groups
• Provide health education about:
• Menopause
• Mental health first aid
• Health eating
• Rehabilitation
• Workplace opportunities and work motivation
• Arts and crafts events
• Football competition
• Children’s activities for the summer